Monday, August 18, 2008

Meal Planning Monday

I'm starting to feel a little guilty about just how badly I neglect this blog. I'll be working hard to update at least weekly, hopefully more.

One way I can do that, that is mutually beneficial (to me and to my blog) is to do my weekly meal planning here. Awesome! Wish I'd stolen this idea much earlier on.

My weekly plans, when I make them, tend to allow for 5 cooked meals requiring actual ingredient shopping, one meal that is more or less off the pantry shelf and one wild card meal. The wild card can be take out, eating in an actual restaurant or eating up the left overs. This week I'm getting off light since I am going to away on business two days, and Mr. Dog will be challenged to figure the meals out on his own. And, since I'm already slacking, one of my listed meals will be last night's dinner, which was awesome, but clearly falls out of the normal scope of meal planning.

So with no further ado...
What we're eating at the Dog House, this week:

Pan fried sole with shallot butter
Steamed french green beans
Truffled mashed potatoes

Curried Eggs with yogurt
Steamed broccoli

Tortellini with garlic and Parmesan cheese
Arugula salad

Wednesday (aka cocktails dinner and the bitches)
cocktail-avocado daquri
CityMama's Very Green Vegggie Stir-fry with Soba noodles (with added baked savory tofu, just because we like it that way)

After this, it is up to Mr. Dog. See how badly I cop out. Really, not fair is it?

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