Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm a big fat liar.

So much for meal planning. I may be an organized and driven taskmaster at work, but when it comes to my home life, sticking to a plan is near impossible.

We didn't have curried eggs. Nope, had all of the ingredients, but I punted. Big Dog demanded Macaroni and Cheese, so I complied. Not with fancy macaroni and cheese, but with the basic, easy-as-pie-is-reported-to-be-but-really-isn't-since-I can't-master-pie-crust, recipe.

And then, tortellini and Parmesan with arugula salad, yeah, that didn't happen either.
We had Waffles of Insane Greatness with bacon and eggs. And veggie sasauges for those of us who don't feast on piggy flesh.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I've added the actual dinner recipes.

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Mrs. Tantrum said...

I cannot make pie crust either! I can make killer Brioche, and sticky buns, but cannot make a pie crust that does not indeed resemble the sole of a well worn shoe! What is this statement about not eating bacon? Please tell me that one of your children are offended by it and not you...that would be a sin!