Monday, March 17, 2008

Delicious enough for Dr. Evil

Nigella has been good to me lately. After staring the day with a batch of the best scones ever, I made her Spinach and Bulgar Pie for dinner. Despite my poor timing, which once again had me serving dinner after 9:00pm, the recipe is a winner. An added plus is the crust, a deliciously flaky pie type crust that I can prove is fool proof because I was successful in making it. I am a complete failure at pie crust, but this came out beautifully. I had to make a few substitutions because despite having planned to make this since Friday, I failed to have all of the required ingredients on hand. I replaced the green onions with a medium shallot, omitted the bread crumbs entirely and used 16 oz of frozen spinach in place of the 10 oz package in the recipe. It still was delicious and will be made again, possibly with the correct ingredients.

During dinner, Little Dog loved it, but seemed to prefer eating from Mr. Dog and my plates. He came to me and asked to "A taste" then kept on asking for "tastes" until my serving was gone. After he ate the last bite, he threw his head back, clasped his hands together and declared "Mine ALL mine! Ah hahahahaha!" (A line from the Backyardagins Super Secret Super Spy expertly applied to his own life). Having finished off my serving, he started in on Mr. Dog and gave us a repeat performance, evil laugh and all. I'd say that is a ringing endorsement from a 2 year old.

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