Wednesday, March 5, 2008

But what's IN it?

I made a delicious soup last night from Fine Cooking. Everyone in the family seemed to enjoy it. Paired with a slab of Limpa bread fresh from the oven and a few slices of good cheddar cheese, we had a simple yet filling meal.

The recipe itself is easy, relatively quick to prepare and as I said, considered tasty by an audience that ranges from a 2 year-old to a 41 year-old. My curious 4 year old liked it, but was suspicious that I had put some extra ingredient in without admitting it, so dinner was punctuated by frequent demands to know "But what else is in it?" He finally decided there must be beans in it (there are not), and I decided to let him believe that just to shut him up so I could eat in peace.

The recipe called for 1 Tbsp Pernod, but as I am not a fan of the stuff and the liquor store only had one size bottle, suitable for a French alcoholic, I omitted it. I also used a potato larger than the recommended "medium" in the recipe, but I think that is what made this recipe work a little better for me than my friend over at Pork Cracklins.

Tomato Soup with Fennel, Leek and Potato (Fine Cooking #91, March 2008, back cover)

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